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Fullrange Tensiometer FRT 15D

The Full Range Tensiometer by UGT covers the complete range of water potentials relevant for plants, even up to 1500 kPa depending on the model. Unlike other systems with an according measurement range the Full Range Tensiometer doesn‘t determine the tension as an indirect measurement derived from another measured parameter but as a direct pressure measurement.

Changes in tension are transmitted very fast. A range of 1000 kPa is passed through within some minutes. Even after complete drying and leaving the measurement range the measurement is automatically continued as soon as the soil moisture increases again. Refilling is not necessary.

Another advantage compared with other instruments for the complete plant relevant tension range is the low energy consumption (20 mA in operational mode). Therefore the Full Range Tensiometer is particularly suitable for remote measurement sites where regular maintenance and reliable supply of electricity cannot be ensured.

The data transmission via RS485 allows communication even in environments with increased risk of electromagnetic interference and over greater distances. The measurement is reliable also in difficult media. Saline sites, as may occur in arid climates, are no problem as a result of the direct pressure measurement.

The temperature is recorded as an additional parameter.


  • Extended measurement range
  • Fast response
  • Maintenance free
  • Low power consumption