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Hukseflux FHF02 Heat Flux Sensor

FHF02 is Hukseflux's standard model for general-purpose heat flux measurement. FHF02 is very versatile: it has an integrated temperature sensor and thermal spreaders to reduce thermal conductivity dependence. It is applicable over a temperature range from –40 to +150°C. FHF02 measures heat flux from conduction, radiation and convection.

Suggested use

  • often applied as part of a larger test or measuring system
  • general-purpose heat flux measurement

Standard sensor for general-purpose heat flux measurement

FHF02 is a sensor for general-purpose heat flux measurement. It is thin and versatile. FHF02 measures heat flux through the object in which it is incorporated or on which it is mounted, in W/m². The sensor in FHF02 is a thermopile. This thermopile measures the temperature difference across the flexible body of FHF02. A type T thermocouple is integrated as well. The thermopile and thermocouple are passive sensors; they do not require power.

A thermal spreader, which is a conductive layer covering the sensor, helps reduce the thermal conductivity dependence of the measurement. With its incorporated spreaders, the sensitivity of FHF02 is independent of its environment. Many competing sensors do not have thermal spreaders. The passive guard area around the sensor reduces edge effects and is used for mounting.

Using FHF02 is easy. It can be connected directly to commonly used data logging systems. The heat flux in W/m² is calculated by dividing the FHF02 output, a small voltage, by the sensitivity. The sensitivity is provided with FHF02 on its product certificate.

Measurand: heat flux temperature
Measurement range: (-10 to +10) x10³ W/m²
Sensitivity (nominal): 5.5 x10⁻⁶ V/(W/m²)
Temperature sensor: type T thermocouple
Thermal spreaders: incorporated
Rated bending radius: ≥ 50 x10⁻³ m (repeated bending not recommended)
Rated load on a single wire: ≤ 1.6 kg
Sensing area 9 x10⁻⁴ m²
Sensor thermal resistance: 30 x10⁻⁴ K/(W/m²)
Sensor resistance range: 50 to 100 Ω
Sensor thickness: 0.9 x10⁻³ m
Uncertainty of calibration: ±5% (k = 2)
Operating temperature range: -40 to +150°C
IP protection class: IP67
Standard wire length: 2 m
  • longer wire length
  • LI19 hand-held read-out unit / datalogger
  • Hukseflux HTR01 Heater
    Hukseflux, the world market leader in heat flux sensors, simplifies heat flux sensor calibration. HTR01 is a heater with 4-wire connection with a known surface area and electrical resistance. It is used for calibration and functionality checks of FHF-type heat flux sensors. Users can now easily and objectively check their sensor performance before and after use. See also model FHF02SC heat flux sensor with integrated heater.