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Enabling better global research outcomes in soil, plant & environmental monitoring.

ECH20 Utility

ECH2O Utility is free software that is included with your purchase of Em5b, Em50, Em50R, Em50G, and DataStation. It provides a simple way to connect to and configure your ECH2O loggers. ECH2O Utility makes downloading and processing your measured data fast and easy.

  • Connect to ECH2O loggers directly or with radio telemetry.
  • Set all logger configuration parameters with visual controls.
  • Make real-time sensor measurements (scan sensors).
  • Create Excel or text files with raw or processed data.
  • Create configuration and data files for use with DataTrac.
  • Process data downloaded with ECH2O Utility Mobile.
  • Test the quality of radio telemetry connections.

Minimum Computer Requirements. To use ECH2O Utility, you must have the following minimum resources:

  • Hard disk with 20 MB of free space.
  • Windows XP with 128 MB RAM.
  • Available serial port (or USB to Serial adapter).
  • Microsoft Excel 97 or better (if saving data as xls files).



Software Package OS compatibility Logger configuration Data Download Capabilities Graphical Capabilities Database Capabilities
Data Trac MS Windows 98 and higher Yes Yes Yes Yes
ECH2O Utility MS Windows 98 and higher Yes Yes No No
www.ech2o.com Latest versions of Chrome, Firefox, Safari, IE No Yes (Em50G only) Yes Yes