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Enabling better global research outcomes in soil, plant & environmental monitoring.

DWS Decagon Weather Station

The Decagon Weather Station can be configured with the EM50, EM50 Solar, EM50G or EM50G Solar; and a range of Decagon Sensors.



Integrate Climate Variables

Account for environmental variables with simple, accurate, plug-and-log sensors.

Get Local Weather

Measure weather data where you are, not 5 kilometres away at the Met tower, so that you can measure environmental variation on an ecologically relevant scale.

Upgrade to the Em50G to add weather data to a wireless network.


High Resolution Rain Gauge. Measures precipitation with 0.2 mm resolution.

Solar Radiation Sensor. Completely submersible for extended outdoor use.

Davis Cup Anemometer. Vector averaging for highly accurate wind speed and direction data. OPTIONAL: DS-2 Sonic Anemometer

Leaf Wetness Sensor. Predict plant disease by knowing duration of leaf wetness.

Temperature/Relative Humidity Sensor. Includes radiation shield.

Em50 Data Logger. Plug in the sensors, set time and measurement intervals, and start logging data. No programming necessary.


  • Plant Disease Forecasting,
  • Plant Ecology,
  • Water Balance Studies

DWS Decagon Weather Station


Range -40°C to 80°C
Accuracy ±0.9°C
Resolution 0.1°C

Relative Humidity

Range 0% to 100%
Accuracy ±5%
Resolution 0.1%

Wind Speed

Range 0 to 58 m/sec
Accuracy ±5%
Resolution 0.45 m/sec

Wind Direction

Range 0 to 360°
Accuracy ±7°

Solar Radiation

Range 380 – 1120 nm; 0 to 1750 W/m2
Accuracy ±5%
Resolution N/A

Rain Gauge

Range N/A
Accuracy N/A
Resolution 0.2 mm

Barometric Pressure

Range 49 to 109 kPa
Accuracy 0.4 kPa
Resolution 0.01 kPa

Data to Web Option?


Power Supply

5 x AA Batteries

Mounting Stand

User Supplies

Environmental Rating


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VPD Calculations?