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DV Ecomatik Vertical Dendrometer

The Vertical dendrometer is designed to determine vertical changes (not growth) of trees continuously.

Tree stems and their respective sections vary in length and curvature, according to water status (short to mid-term), wind direction and wind speed (short-term to permanent), snow and fruit load (mid-term to permanent), unbalanced growth or loss of crown parts (long-term to permanent).

Vertical changes are a valuable information to assess water status and static characteristics, such as mechanical stress-strain relationships and mechanical stability of trees. Parallel measurements with three vertical dendrometers, oriented in three different cardinal directions are necessary.

Suitable for plant size Diameter <5 cm
Range of the sensor 11 mm
Accuracy Dendrometer: stable offset ±4.5%
Logger dependent, e.g.:
CR1000: ± (0.04%+4.4 μm)
DL18: ±0.1%
Resolution 0.2 – 2.6 μm (dependent on data logger used)
Linearity <1%
Thermal expansion coefficient of sensor <0.2 μm/K
Operating Conditions Temperature: -25 to 70°C, in and on soil, under water