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DR Ecomatik Radius Dendrometers (M-XL Stems)

For Measuring Changes in Radius of Plant Stems

Radius Dendrometers

Ecomatik Radius dendrometers are fixed with one (DR3) or two special screws (DR1 and DR2), anchored in the trunkwood. The changes outside of the trunkwood correspond to radial growth and water status related, diurnal diameter variation. The arrangement ensures high stability for long-term measurements.

The DRW is the ruggedized version of the DR1 dendrometer type. In addition to the features of the simple DR1 version, the DRW dendrometer is modified for the use under especially harsh environmental conditions. A soft, weather-resistant rubber coating, protects the whole sensor from ingress of water and solid particles.

Radius Dendrometer Variant Name For Diameter of Measurement Range
DR1 Radius dendrometer >8 cm 11 mm
DR2 Radius dendrometer (for fast growing species) >8 cm 11 mm
DR3 Radius dendrometer (with one instead of two mounting screws) >5 cm 25.4 mm
DRW Radius dendrometer rugged >8 cm 11 mm


Name of the Sensor Type DR1 (DR) Type DR3 Type DR2
Use area slow/normal growing species fast growing species
Suitable for plant diameter > 8 cm > 5 cm > 8 cm
Range of the senor 11 mm 25.4mm
Resolution The resolution of the sensor itself is infinite. The resolution of readings is determined by connected data logger, e.g.
CR1000:1.5 μm
Dendrometer logger
DL18: 0.2 μm
CR1000: 3.3 μm
Dendrometer logger
DL18: 0.5 μm
Accuracy Dendrometer dependent:
Max. ± 4.5% of reading
(stable offset)
Dendrometer dependent:
Max. ±1.97% of reading
(stable offset)
Accuracy Data logger dependent,
e.g.: CR1000:
±(0.04% of reading +4.4μm)
Dendrometer logger
DL18: ±0.1%
Data logger dependent,
e.g.: CR1000:
±(0.04% of reading+10μm)
Dendrometer logger
DL18: ±0.1%
Temperature coefficient of the sensor < 0.2 μm / °C in the whole range
Linearity <1% < 0.7%
Environment Outdoor Condition -25 to 70°C air temperature, 0 to 100% relative air humidity
Weight of the sensor without cable 13 g 33 g
Power Supply Stabilized Vex of 0.5 – 10 VDC, power consumption practically zero
Material Stainless steel and Aluminium
Cable length 5 m, extendable up to 100 m