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DPL40 Pivot Stem (Logging) Dendrometer

The DPL40 Pivot Stem Logging Dendrometer is a pivot-based sensor for measurement of small stems, from 5mm to 40mm. The sensor is designed with respect to easy and fast installation. It is fastened on the measured object by three pressure levers; the central jib turns the rotary position sensor proportionally to the object diameter. Adherence pressure is set as a compromise between the influence on plant tissues and installation stability. The bearing of the position sensor is carefully shaped for minimal effect of temperature and axial forces.

The DPL40 Logging Pivot Stem Dendrometer now incorporates its own self-contained datalogger.sing an internal lithium battery there is no need for external batteries or solar panels to power the logger, meaning it can be attached to a tree and set logging with no other accessories or requirements. Such independence means multiple trees throughout an experimental site can be continuously logged over a much larger area than if they were required to be connected to a central logging system. Small trees, large trees, neighbouring trees or very distant trees can now easily be measured without physically limiting design constraints.

The DPL40 features a voltage output sensor integrated with a data logging MiniLog.
The DPL40 is also available with voltage output (DPV40), without a logger.

The DPL40 is also available with SDI-12 output (DPS40).

Installation notes:
Sensor has to be placed on a relatively straight and regularly shaped stem (or branch) such that the plastic cover of the electronics does not touch the measured object. The cable has to be fastened to the stem in order to avoid its influence on the sensor position. The label on the black plate on the jib must be visible – it must point outwards of the stem.


DPL40 Sensor Specifications

Operating Conditions

Measurement Range: 5 to 40mm Diameter
Accuracy: > 0.5mm
Linearity: ± 0.5% of full scale
Resolution: 1.24 µm
Tightening Strength: 1.5 to 2N lateral levers, 2 to 3N central sensing jib
Temperature Measurement Accuracy: ±0.2°C
Operating Environment: -40 to 60°C
Increment Range: 60 mm
Mass: 150g
Size: D22 x 102mm (without cable)
Material: High Density Polyethylene Case
Protection: IP68 Rating


DPL40 Logging Specifications

Memory Capacity: 50,000 readings or 4 years at hourly readings
Communications: Infrared
Input Signal: Contact Closure
Non-Volatile Memory: 128kB
Battery Capacity:
Up to 5 years