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DC Ecomatik Circumference Dendrometers (M-XL Stems)

Circumference Dendrometers

For Measuring Changes in the Stem Circumference of Fast Growing Plants

Name For Diameter of Measurement Range
DC1 Circumference Dendrometer 1 5-30 cm 11 mm
DC3 Circumference Dendrometer 3 >5 cm 25.4 mm
DC4 Circumference Dendrometer 4
(for fast growing species)
>5 cm 50.8 mm

Circumference Dendrometer 1

The Circumference Dendrometer 1 is the simple version for the measurement of circumference changes of plants. The sensor is mounted by means of a stem embracing cable wire. The cable wire consists of a special material (purpose specific alloy), with the lowest thermal expansion coefficient available. Slide rings reduce the friction and pressure between the wire cable and the tree bark.


  • Suitable for diameter 5 30 cm
  • No injury to plants
  • Easy installation
  • Stability against wind, snow, falling small branches and small fruits
  • Readings directly correspond to the circumference changes


  • Elastic force of the sensor is exerted in tangential direction. The contact pressure between cable wire and stem hence depends on the curvature of the stem, i.e. the stem diameter (cf. Young Laplace equation) – the larger the stem radius, the lower the contact pressure between cable wire and stem surface, leading to comparability problems (cf. DC3/DC4).


  • Complete with 5 m cables and 1 m wire cable

Options / Ordering Information

  • Cable extension (please specify in meters)
  • Extension of the wire cable (please specify in meters)
  • Data Logger

Circumference Dendrometers 3, 4

The DC3 and DC4 are the improved versions of the DC1. The elastic force of the sensor is not applied in tangential, but in radial direction. With this design the pressure of the wire cable to the tree adjusts automatically with tree diameter. Comparability of data from trees of different sizes is improved. The sensor is mounted by means of two elastic and uv-resistant rubber belts. The stem signal is received by a stem embracing cable wire (special alloy with very low thermal expansion).


  • Suitable for all tree sizes (> 5 cm)
  • Contact pressure between wire cable and tree adjusts with tree diameter
  • Sensitive measurements, even with very large trees
  • No injury to plants
  • Stability against wind, snow, falling small branches and small fruits
  • Easy installation


  • The data must be converted (free Excel program available on request)
  • The tree must be roughly circular


  • Complete with 5 m cable
  • Fixing materials and and 1 m wire cable

Options / Ordering Information

  • Cable extension (please specify in meters)
  • If necessary, cable wire length (please specify in meters)
  • Data Logger
Variant Name Circumference Dendrometer 1 (DC1)
Suitable for plant size Diameter 5-30 cm
Range of the sensor 11 mm
Accuracy Dendrometer: stable offset 4.5% Logger dependent, e.g.:
CR1000: ±±(0.04%+4.4 µ DL18:0.1%
Resolution 0.2-2.6 µm (dependent on data logger used)
Linearity 1%
Thermal expansion
coefficient of sensor
<0.2 µm/K
Thermal expansion
coefficient of the wire cable
<1.4 × 10-6 /K
Operating conditions Air Temperature:25 to 70 C,
Air Humidity: 0 to 100%


Variant Name Type DC3 Type DC4
Use area slow/normal growing species fast growing species
Suitable for Stem Diameter > 5 cm
Range of the senor 25.4 mm 50.8mm
Corresponding Range
for Tree Diameter
Circ. Diam. Circ. Diam.
10 cm 50 16.2 107 34
50 cm 35 11.3 80 25.6
100 cm 28 9 65 20.6
Resolution The resolution of the sensor itself is infinite. The resolution of readings is determined by connected data logger, e.g.
CR1000: 3.3 µm CR1000: 6.6 µm
Dendrometer logger
DL18: 0.5 µm
Dendrometer logger
DL18: 1.0 µm
Accuracy Dendrometer dependent: Dendrometer dependent:
Max. 1.97% of reading
(stable offset)
Max. 0.98% of reading
(stable offset)
Data logger dependent, e.g.: Data logger dependent, e.g.:
±(0.04% of reading+10µ) Dendrometer logger
±(0.04% of reading+20µ) Dendrometer logger
Temperature coefficient
sensor < 0.2 µm / C in the whole range
wire <1.4 × 10 6/K
Linearity <0.7% < 0.5%
Environment Outdoor condition: 25 to 70 ° C air temperature, 0 to 100% relative air humidity
Weight of the Sensor
without Cable
37 g 47 g
Power supply Stabilized Vex of 0.5-10 VDC, power consumption practically zero
Material Stainless steel, special alloy and Aluminium
Cable length 5 m, extendable up to 100 m