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Enabling better global research outcomes in soil, plant & environmental monitoring.

DataSnap SDI-12 Logger

The Acclima DataSnap is the simplest standalone SDI-12 universal data logger available on the market today. While simple to use, it does not sacrifice features or functionality.

DataSnap is an SDI-12 data logger accommodating up to 10 SDI-12 sensors.
DataSnap is compatible with all sensors that communicate using the SDI-12 protocol.

Just connect an SDI-12 sensor and click a button in the SnapView Software. It requires no SDI-12 programming knowledge. Adding Acclima sensors is even easier as the DataSnap will find all attached Acclima sensors with the click of a button.

Acclima SnapView software simplifies DataSnap configuration and synchronisation via USB. It can manage multiple DataSnap connections and retrieve real-time sensor data from each. SnapView provides options for viewing data in table or graph formats. Data is easily exported for use in other analytical applications. SnapView is compatible with any Windows based PC (XP or newer)

Physical Characteristics
Length: 10.5 cm
Width: 5.3 cm
Height: 2.5 cm
Operating Temperature: -20 to +60°C
Humidity: 0 to 90% RH, non-condensing
Electrical Specification
USB Port
Input Voltage: 5VDC, ±0.5V
Input Current: 500mA Max
External Supply Input (optional)
Input Voltage: 6 – 12VDC, 15V Absolute Max
Input Current: 700mA Max
Connector Type: 2.1mm barrel, center positive
SDI-12 Output
Signal Voltage: Typically 0-5V DC
Power Output Voltage: (Input Voltage)-0.5V. Voltage may drop when short circuit protection is active
Short Circuit Current: 225mA ±10%
Power Consumption (12V External Power Supply)
USB Active, No Load/Sensors: 35mA
USB Disconnected, Logger Active: 8mA
USB Disconnected, Logger Sleeping, IDLE_POWER=ON (Output Active, No Sensors) 1.1mA
USB Disconnected, Logger Sleeping, IDLE_POWER=OFF (Output Power Off) 60uA
  • TDR-315L
    The Acclima TDR-315L is a true Time Domain Reflectometer system (minus the coaxial cable) wrapped up in a small, rugged, permanently installable package. This model uses half the power yet it sacrifices none of the accuracy of its big brother the TDR-315. Acclima True TDR technology is a major, patented breakthrough in soil water and EC measurement technology.
  • TDR-310
    The Acclima TDR-310 series sensors are genuine Time Domain Reflectometers – complete with an integrated 350ps rise-time step function generator, a 10 cm waveguide, a 5ps resolution waveform digitiser and a precision time base that measures waveform temporal features as short as 5ps and as long as 20ns.