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CI-510CF Chlorophyll Fluorescence Module

Using the CI-510CF to measure chlorophyll fluorescence provides the investigator with information about changes in the efficiency of photosynthesis and heat dissipation from the leaf. The CI-510CF modulation frequency is adjustable, ranging from 8-80 Hz.

Chlorophyll fluorescence analysis is a widely used technique for plant physiologists and ecophysiologists.  Light energy absorbed by chlorophyll molecules in a leaf has three possible destinies.  First, the light energy could be used to drive photosynthesis.  Secondly, excess light energy can be dissipated as heat.  Thirdly, excess light energy can be re-emitted as light, which is known as chlorophyll fluorescence.

These three processes occur in competition, meaning that an increase in the efficiency of one will result in a decrease in the yield of the other two.

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