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BDK0 Bulk Density Kit

The BDK0 Bulk Density Kit is a low cost, high precision kit for the collection of soil bulk density samples. The kit contains 6 x bulk density rings, 60mm in height and 50mm in diameter, mallet, level block, soil leveling tool, and carry case. Additional bulk density rings are available.

The BDK0 Bulk Density Kit is the ideal tool to accurately determine soil volumetric water content and to calibrate soil water content sensors.

BDK0 Bulk Density Kit includes:

6 x 60 x 50mm Aluminium Rings

1 x Hammer Block

1 x Rubber Mallet

1 x Spade

1 x Knife

1 x Box of Zip Lock Bags

1 x Packet of Cheese Cloth

1 x Packet of Rubber Bands

1 x Permanent Marker Pen

1 x Carry Case