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Enabling better global research outcomes in soil, plant & environmental monitoring.

AWQ-pH: pH, Redox & Temperature

The AQW-pH sensor has been designed to perform under hard conditions, from pure mountain water with conductivity as low as 20 μS/cm, lakes and rivers (100 – 2000 μS/cm), seawater with conductivities of 50 mS/cm, to wastewater with conductivity higher than 200 mS/cm.

• pH : 0 to 14
• Redox: -1000 to +1000 mV
• T°C : -10°C to +50°C
• Combination pH/Redox/Temp sensor
• Digital Sensor: Modbus RS 485/SDI-12
• Internal Calibration Data Storage
• pH/ORP Cartridge


Utilising the AWQ-pH Sensor in a custom IoT (Internet of Things)

The SNiP-pHR is a ‘Sensor Node Integrated Package’ for LoRaWAN or CAT-M1 communication of real-time pH, Redox and temperature measurements for continuous water quality monitoring.

The base SNiP-pHR integrates 1x AWQ-pH Sensor with 1x S-NODE to a site’s unique network, communication and power requirements. The S-NODE can support an added 3x compatible sensors.

This sensor features long-life Plastogel® reference technology, increasing the lifetime of the probe and reducing the need to refill.
The AWQ-pH sensor has been designed for handheld and in-situ applications in some of the most difficult situations for a pH/ORP sensor in term of sensor resistance, quick response, minimal flow dependence and low power consumption.


The AWQ-pH pH/Redox/Temp sensor stores calibration and history data within the sensor. This allows for use in a plug and play system without the need for re-calibration.
Thanks to the Universal Modbus RS485 protocol and SDI-12, the AWQ-pH sensor can be connected to most commonly used devices (Datalogger, Controller, Automation, Remote System…).
Measurement Principle: Combined electrode (pH/ref): special glass, Ag/AgCI ref. Gelled electrolyte (KCI)
Range: 0 – 14 pH
Resolution: 0.01 pH
Accuracy: ± 0.1 pH
Measurement Principle: Combined electrode (Redox/reference): Platinum tip, Ag/AgCI AgAgCl. Gelled reference (KCI)
Range: -1000 to +1000 mV
Resolution: 0.1 mV
Accuracy: ± 2 mV
Technology: NTC Thermistor
Range: 0°C to 50°C
Resolution: 0.01°C
Accuracy: ± 0.5°C
Response Time: < 5 s
Interface: Modbus RS-485 standard; SDI-12 optional
Power supply: 5 to 12 volts
Current Draw: Standby: 25μA
Average RS485 (1 Hz): 3.9 mA
Average SDI12 (1 Hz): 6.8 mA
Current pulse: 500 mA
Storage Temperature: 0°C to 60°C
Protection: IP 68
Dimensions: Diameter: 27/21mm; Length: 207mm
Weight: 350g (sensor and 3m cable)
Material: PVC, DELRIN, special pH glass, platinum, polyamide
Maximum Pressure: 5 bar
Cable: Coaxial armoured, Polyurethane, bare wire or Fischer connector
Protection: IP68

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