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ATH-2S Ambient Temp & Humidity (SDI-12)

ATH-2S Ambient Temperature & Humidity (SDI-12)

Weather sensors available today come in varying degrees of quality – in ease of long-term maintenance, stability and durability. In response to the experiences of researchers and customers, the ATH-2S was developed to have greater instrument accuracy, easier upkeep and an extended life.

Both the ATH-2S (SDI-12 Output) and the ATH-2A (Analogue Output) measure Ambient Temperature & Humidity, and with a far higher accuracy drift of better than ±2% Relative Humidity.

Another substantial development of the ATH-2 Series design is the removable sensor chip, which can be quickly swapped out in the field for a price far lower than the typical calibration or complete replacement. The ATH-2 Series instrument does not need to be fully removed from the site, freighted and then reinstalled for simple calibration maintenance. This advancement significantly reduces the time, hassle and costs associated with avoiding data gaps and maintaining long-term data integrity.


The ATH-2S is available in a preconfigured IoT (Internet of Things) setup for continuous real-time temperature and humidity monitoring.


Main Features

Sensor replacement by customer on site – cheaper than recalibration
• SDI-12 outputs
• Stainless steel mesh
• Economy solution


• Temperature:
− range -40 to 60 deg. C
− accuracy better than ± 0.15 K
• Air Humidity
− range 0 to 100 %
− accuracy better than ± 2 %
• Size: ø20 x 81 mm