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Aquaterr EC-350

Aquaterr EC-350 Digital Soil Moisture, Temperature and Salinity Meter

Displays soil moisture percentage, soil temperature °C, and soil salinity cS/m.

The EC-350 can be used in a variety of soils, and is unaffected by temperature, pH, dissolved salts, or metallic ions. Simply insert the probe at least six inches into a reasonably soft, moist area and press the appropriate test button. Results appear quickly. Rapidly perform multiple tests at various depths and locations, just wipe off the probe after each test.

Features 30” stainless steel probe; clay, loam and sand scales printed on the meter’s face panel, and soft foam handles. Informative users guide and 9V battery included.

PROBE LENGTH: 30 Inches (76.2cm)
PROBE DIAMETER: ½ Inch (1.27cm)
OVERALL LENGTH: 36 Inches (approx.) (91.44cm)
TEMPERATURE RANGE: 0 to 65.55°C (32 – 150°F) (The EC-350 is made to display temperature in degrees Celsius as default, or in degrees Fahrenheit if specified.)
POWER SOURCE: 9 volt battery
LIFE OF POWER SOURCE: Approx. 3 months
WEIGHT: Approx. 2.26kg (5 pounds)
SALINITY SCALE: 0 – 1.999 mS (milli Siemens) or 0 – 1999 μS (micro Siemens)
MOISTURE: 0 – 100%