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TDR Buriable Waveguides

TDR Waveguides for MiniTRASE

The standard Buriable Waveguide is designed to be installed permanently in the soil, and allows measurements to be made at any depth in the soil profile. The waveguide rods are 20 cm long and made of 0.3 cm diameter stainless steel rods.

Weight: 0.38 lbs (0.17 kgs)

The Coated Buriable Waveguide is designed for use where salinity or the presence of chemicals in the soil may make it difficult to make accurate measurements. The central waveguide rod is coated with a special plastic which reduces signal loss and allows measurement under difficult situations.

The Mini-Buriable Waveguide is designed for use in making near-surface shallow measurements, and in laboratory column studies. The rods are 8 cm long, with a 2.5 cm spacing between the outer rods, 3 meter cable length.

The waveguides can also be installed permanently in the soil so that periodic measurements can be made in the same location by simply attaching the connector to the waveguides, without disturbing the soil by repeated insertions of the waveguides. An Alignment Block is available which helps maintain the proper waveguide spacing during installation, especially helpful when inserting longer waveguides. Waveguides, ordered separately, are available in lengths ranging from 15 cm to 70 cm.

Length: From 8cm (Mini Buriable Waveguide) to 100cm (For use with waveguide connector).
Mini Buriable Waveguide cable length: 3 meter.

Standard and Coated Waveguide cable length: 2 meter.