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Enabling better global research outcomes in soil, plant & environmental monitoring.


The 3800LM DRONE-THERM measures temperatures from -50 to 100°C with ± 0.05°C accuracy. The dimensions are 9mm diameter and 23mm length. Since this thermometer is light and small it is ideal for many uses, including unmanned "Drone" aircraft.

Optimised for small unmanned aircraft.
Weighs only 14 grams
Hermetically sealed
Encapsulated solid
Uncompromised performance

Temperature Measurement

Scale Range: -50°C to 100°C


Optical Considerations

Spectra Pass Band: 8 < Wavelengths < 14 Microns
Sighting: Line-Of-Sight
Field of View: Standard: 10° cone; Optional: 5° cone.

Operating Conditions

Operating Environment: -40°C to 100°C, up to 99% relative humidity, Non-Condensing.
Storage Temperature: Same as operating environment temperature.

Electrical Interface

Power Requirements: 5V to 50V DC (Current draw: 3 mA maximum)
Output Signal: Standard: Analog: Millivolt (10mV/°C)
Optional: 0-5 Volt and Type K thermocouple.


Response Time: < 1 second.
Emissivity Compensation: 0.98 (Default) – or to customer’s specification.
Operating Distance: 2 cm to 300 meters.
Dimensions: 9.0mm diameter by 23mm length.
Weight: 14 grams
Warranty: One-year limited warranty on parts and labour.