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30mm Undisturbed Soil Sampler

With this sampling device, undisturbed samples with Ø = 30 mm can be excavated from 120 mm sample rings for higher resolution soil examinations in the lab.

Amongst others, this enables examinations of the mesopores and the root distribution. Up to three 30 mm samples can be obtained simultaneously from one layer of the sample ring.
The Plexiglass sample rings are placed in stainless steel cutting sleeves which pre-cut the soil before it is taken in the sample rings.  The position of the cutting sleeves on their support is adjustable. Therefore the sampling point can be freely chosen on the surface of the 120 mm sample ring.  The cutting sleeves are manually pressed in using a crank handle.  In the cutting process, the sample is pressed out of the large sample ring from below by a die and pressed into the small sample rings. Thus the soil outside the small sample ring can expand and distortions caused by pressure on the small samples are prevented.


  • Undisturbed soil structure
  • Examinations in the µm range possible
Soil sample rings are used to take soil samples which are as undisturbed as possible for laboratory research, such as to determine the pore volume, the hydraulic or pneumatic conductivity, or water content.
The hollow rings made of stainless steel have a cutting edge on one side. With this cutting edge facing down, they are pressed or hammered into the ground. The soil volume inside of the soil sample ring is removed with the soil sample ring and remains in it until investigated in the laboratory. The soil sample ring itself, as well as lids on the top and bottom, encloses the sample
completely. This enables it to be transported easily and without disturbances. The soil samples with soil sample ring are removed quickly and easily, and the samples obtained in this manner are essentially undisturbed. A further advantage is that a uniform volume is always taken from the soil with the same type of soil sample ring.
Dimensions of overall assembly 30 x 30 x 60 cm
Weight of overall assembly 12 kg
Sample height/diameter (inner) 30 mm / 30 mm
Sample volume 21 cm³