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Enabling better global research outcomes in soil, plant & environmental monitoring.

2830K2 Double Ring Infiltrometer Kit

Consists of two rings: one Inner Ring (30 cm), one Outer Ring (57 cm). Both infiltration rings are 25 cm long, 0.08" thick, sharpened on one end, and made out of stainless steel. Functions as a falling head infiltrometer. Also comes with a hammer, driving plate, 2 pull out hooks, measuring bridge, float with measuring rod, stopwatch, falling head unit, and operating instructions.


  • Soil Permeability
  • Environmental Monitoring
  • Mining
  • Soil Physics
Weight: 30 kg (66 lbs.)
Dimensions: 63.5 x 63.5 x 43.2 cm (25 x 25 x 17 inches)