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2816 Chameleon Kit

The Chameleon is an accurate and fully automated laboratory system for measuring saturated hydraulic conductivity (Ksat). The Chameleon is capable of performing Ksat measurements according to both the Falling-Head and Constant-Head Methods. Thanks to the Monitor® Precision Pressure Transducer and the Chameleon Software Application, both measurement methods are fully automated.

The Chameleon uses standard Soilmoisture Tempe Cells (5.7 cm diameter, 6 cm height) and comes with all the required components (a computer is required, but is not included in the standard kits).
Laboratory hydraulic conductivity measurement is a very common measurement method used in several important areas including Industrial Soil Physics, Education, Agricultural Research, Irrigation Projects, Construction Projects, Mining Sites, Oil Industry, Environmental Studies, and Geological Studies.

Parts List

0209 – Soil Core Cylinder Cap, For 0200
1425F1 – Tempe Cell Manifold Stand (holds 5 Tempe Cells)
1430B01M3 – 1 Bar Hi Flow Porous Ceramic 2.375″ Dia. For
1430SD – 2.375″ Dia Flow Cell Support Disc
1440CF1 – Univ. Flow Cell Stand, 1 Cell, W/ Marriott Stand
1510-005PKG100 – Filter Paper Pack Of 100
2816-1000 – Graduated Cylinder Assembly
2816-2000 – Flow Cell
5306PV15 – Transducer Pressure Or Vacuum 15 Psi.
8013SDS01 – Chameleon Software
MFJ012PK 1/4 – Ounce Silicone Grease Kit
XCNLU-FFPP – Female To Female Luer Connector Polypropylene
XCNLU-MMABS – Male To Male Luer Connector Abs
XCNLU3/16B-MLNY – 3/16 Barbed Connector To Male Luer
XCNLUPLUG-FLPP – Female Luer Plug Polypropylene
XCNLUPLUG-MLPP – Male Luer Plug Polypropylene
XCNLUSC-MFPC – Female Luer To Male Luer Stopcock
XCNLUSC-MMMPC – 4 Way Three Male Swivel Stopcock Luer
XLABBEAKER250PP – Polypropylene Beaker 250 ml
XPVCEXC3/16-5/16 – 3/16″ ID x 5/16″ OD Clear PVC Tubing
Z1400-100 – Tempe Cell Top Cap Assembly, 2.25 Inch
Minimum Head-height: 1 cm
System Resolution: 1 mm of change in water height (2.01 ml of water consumption).
Standard Reservoir Inside Diameter: 5.13 cm (2.02′′)
Standard Reservoir Height: 48.26 cm (19.00′′)
Standard Reservoir Cross-Sectional Area: 20.67 cm2 (3.20 sq. inches)
Standard Reservoir Volume: 1 liter (0.26 gallon)
Soil Core Inside Diameter: 5.38 cm (2.12′′)
Soil Core Height: 6.0 cm (2.36′′)
Soil Core Cross-Sectional Area: 22.73 cm2 (3.52 sq. inches)
Soil Core Volume: 136.40 cm2 (21.14 sq. inches)
Pressure Transducer: Monitor Precision Transducer (-15 to +15 psi).
System Options Model 2816G1: Single Unit
Model 2816G5: Five Independent Units (*)

(*) The Chameleon software application (for PC) can control up to 20 independent Chameleon units simultaneously.