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2006G2 Pressure/Vacuum Pump

Pressure Vacuum Hand Pump provides vacuums up to 0.9 bar (90 kPa) and pressures up to 60 psi (500 kPa) up to 50 feet. Includes pump, 0-100 cb recalibrator-style vacuum dial gauge, fittings, and inline filter.

• Each unit is pretested to achieve vacuum levels in excess of 27 inches of mercury (90cb) and pressures in excess of 75 psi.
• The strong, lightweight laminated hardwood used in the handle and baseboard is impregnated with a high-density plastic to provide tough waterproof parts that denote the beauty of wood but will take the abuse of water and chemicals.
• Constructed with weather and corrosion resistant PVC for the top cap and valve body together with heavy wall chrome-plated brass tubing for years of rugged outdoor service.
• 1/4 inch NPT chrome fittings at the vacuum and pressure ports are barbed for 1/4 inch ID flexible tubing of your choice.
• The 2 inch vacuum gauge supplied with the Pressure-Vacuum Hand Pump is a hermetically sealed Bourdon recalibrator-type gauge, reading 0-100 centibars (kPa) of suction.
• Primarily designed for movement of air, the Hand Pump will move liquids just as easily.
• All parts, including the valves, are completely serviceable in the field for easy cleaning or repair.

Weight: 5.50 Lbs (2.49 kgs)