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Enabling better global research outcomes in soil, plant & environmental monitoring.

2005G2 Vacuum Hand Pump

Easy hand operated vacuum pump for extracting solution samples from Soil Water Samplers using an extraction kit (1900K3). Includes a vacuum dial gauge. Capable of developing vacuums to 80kPa.

  • Rugged portable design for prolonged use in the field
  • Field repairable valves and pump pads
  • Pressures to +50 PSI, vacuums to .8 bars suction
  • All parts brass, stainless steel or rugged plastics for long service

The 2005G2 Vacuum Hand Pump is used for servicing all varieties of standard Soilmoisture Tensiometers; Model 2710 Soilmoisture Tensiometer, the Model 2725 Jet Fill Tensiometers and all other types that use our quick thread top connections. It can be used for a many other purposes from checking out Soil Water Samplers and evacuating them to work with portable vacuum extraction systems. The pump will find a number of handy uses.

Weight: 1.25 Lbs (.57 kgs)