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Enabling better global research outcomes in soil, plant & environmental monitoring.

1908 Micro Rhizo Sampler

Rhizon soil moisture sampler, length 10cm, diam. 2.5mm, with stainless steel strengthening wire, complete with 10 cm pvc-tube, male connector and protecting cap, set of 10 pieces.

Weight: 0.07 lbs (0.03 kgs)

Micro Rhizon Sampler used for repeated and reliable sampling of all dissolved components in soil solution. The porous plastic (PES) wets spontaneously and has standard 0.15 micron pores.

Micro Samplers are miniature, disposable pore water samplers. They are ideal for extraction work in column studies and other small containers, when space, congested point sampling may itself influence the study.
Composed of porous hydrophilic plastic, these samplers wet spontaneously making them ideal for many unusual applications.

Micro Samplers are designed for potted plants, cylinder and column research. Sampling by micro samplers is appropriate when successive soil moisture samples are needed:
• Models of nutrient root uptake using the actual concentration of nutrient in the soil solution.
• Accumulation and concentration studies in crack and/or fractures
• Mineralization studies.
• Salt accumulation studies.
• Marker detection or sorptivity estimations.