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1786B Low Tension Table

Low Tension Table LAB Setup – Adjustable 0 to .15 bar (3 Station Model)


  • Most lab set-ups do not have the correct equipment for accurate measurement in the low tension range (0 to 150 cm H2O).
  • Our system offers an easy-to-assemble hanging water column and Sandbox Tension Table as a turn-key solution for low tension applications.
  • Furthermore, it is easily transportable and adjustable.
  • This is the most affordable and user-friendly system on the market.
  • Soilmoisture’s Low Tension Lab should be a staple part of every soil science lab and agricultural research facility!



  • Hanging Column Range: 5 to 150 cm.
  • Resolution: 0.1 cm.
  • Plate Diameter: 10.75 inches.
  • Saturation Pan Diameter: 12.00 inches.
  • Sand: 320 Mesh Silica Sand.
  • Includes the shelving too!