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120mm Undisturbed Soil Sampler

Based on the patented UGT sampling method for large soil monoliths, UGT GmbH has developed this sampling device for soil samples with a sample ring size of 120 mm diameter and 120 mm height.

Equivalent to the excavation technology for large soil monoliths the soil is pre-cut to minimise the forces impacting on the soil. The sample ring is firmly positioned in a stainless steel cutting sleeve studded with cutters. This cutting sleeve is driven by an electrical motor via a planetary gear so that the sample ring inside remains perfectly still while the cutting sleeve rotates to pre-cut the soil sample. The sample ring can then take in the detached soil sample accurately to shape.
The cutter unit and drive are mounted on a portable tripod which is vertically aligned and fixed in the ground at the sampling point. The large pneumatic tyres on the tripod permit a high degree of mobility in the field and therefore simple access to the sample points.
An external power supply is required to operate the electrical motor. Appropriate generating units can be procured from UGT if required.
Both stainless steel and plexiglass sample rings with the corresponding size can be used with this sampling device. Plexiglass sample rings enable subsequent computer tomographic examination and provide a visual impression of the soil. For plexiglass cylinders a stainless steel cutting ring is put on to support the cutting effect.


  • Minimal influence of bedding
  • Sample excavation irrespective of soil condition


Dimensions of overall assembly 120 x 100 x 120 cm
Weight of overall assembly 38 kg
Sample height/diameter (inner) 120 mm / 110 mm
Sample volume ~ 1140 cm³