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Enabling better global research outcomes in soil, plant & environmental monitoring.

0505V 20 Bar Compressor

For use as a pressure supply for Pressure Extractors.

Designed for sustained, continuous operation; comes with preset safety relief valves, pressure limit switches and shutoffs for excessive pressures or electrical conditions.

A necessity for soils labs – consistent and reliable operation.

Available in 110V and 230V.

The compressor is an air cooled, oil lubricated reciprocating compressor working on the single stage principle of compression.

Atmospheric air is drawn in through the air filter into the compression chamber of the compressor block. The downward movement of the piston creates a vacuum. When the piston has passed the bottom dead centre, the air drawn into the cylinder is compressed by the upward movement of the piston. At the same time the inlet valves close and the outlet valves open.

The compressed air is forced through a check valve into the air receiver. The check valve prevents the compressed air flowing back from the air receiver to the compressor block after shutdown.

Compressor Unit
Model Premium Compact 130/4 W
Maximum Gauge Working Pressure 290 psig
Weight 32.2 kg (71 lbs)
Air Receiver
Capacity 3.79 liters (1 gal)
Max Permissible Gauge Working Pressure 290 psig
Sound Emission
Guaranteed Sound Power Level
(to 2000/14/EG Directive)
99 dB(A)
Emission Sound Pressure Level * 77.5 db(A)
Compressor Block
Model 0505V####-3000
Theoretical Inlet Capacity 4.6 cfm
Free Air Delivered at 87 psi Gauge Working Pressure 2.8 cfm
Maximum Gauge Working Pressure 290 psi
Number of Cylinders 1
Speed 3600 rpm
Oil Capacity 123ml (0.13 qts)
Oil Top-Up Quantity 47ml (0.05 qts)
Electrical Conenction
Main Voltage 230V – 1PH
Full Load Current FLA 5.6 A
Frequency 60 Hz
Recommended Main Disconnect Fuses **
(Dual element or time-delay)
6 A
Recommended Power Supply Cable
(Cu multi-stranded) Cross-Section
14 AWG
Drive Motor
Rated Power 1 hp
Rated Speed 1800 rpm
Enclosure Rating TEFC
Phases Single-Phase
Max. Starts per Hour 30 Times
Air Pressure Switch Setting
 0505v Pressure Switch
Factory Settings:
Cut-in Pressure pmin 225 psig
Cut-out Pressure pmax
Settings specific to a customer may differ
 290 psig
Safety Relief Valve Setting
Set Point 290 psig
Installation Requirements
Max. Height above sea level at place of installation
(For all heights above, please contact distributor)
914m (3000 ft)
Min. Ambient Temperature 4°C (40°F)
Max. Ambient Temperature 35°C (95°F)

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* Calculated from the measured mean sound power level (Directive 2000/14/EG, basic standard for noise measurement ISO 3744) to EN ISO 11203: 1995 para. 6.2.3.d at distance d=1m, Q.2=12.9 dB (A).

** Maximum dual element time-delay fuses are selected according to 2002 N.W.C. Article 240-6, 430-52 and Tables 430-52, 430-148 & 150. Select multi-strand copper core wire at 40°C ambient temperature according to 2002 N.E.C. 110-14(c), 220-3, 310-15, Table 310-16, 430-22, 430-24 and Tables 430-148 and 150.
Under unsuitable mains conditions, operation of the compressor can have an adverse effect on other equipment. No interference should be expected if the mains network impedance is less than 0.3Ω (ohms). Generally, the maximum permissible impedance will not be exceeded if the compressor is supplied from a domestic power outlet or a sub-distribution cabinet with a rated current of 25A.