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0212 Soil Core Sampler

The 0212 Soil Sampler allows the extraction of intact soil cores. A core 3-1/2" (8.9 cm) in diameter is extracted and held in a brass cylinder. The cylinder and the soil sample can then be placed in a pressure plate extractor or Tempe cell apparatus and the water-holding characteristics of the sample can be determined. The cylinder can be used to provide a sample of known volume, allowing the bulk density to be determined. The sampler is supplied with two wedge coring tips, hammer, spanner wrench for replacing coring tips, and six brass cylinders; two 6 cm long and four 3 cm long.

The model 0212 soil core sampler is idea for the collection of large 3.5″ diameter undisturbed soil core samples for bulk density measurement.

The 0212 is constructed of steel and aluminium.

The brass retaining cylinders transfer directly into the model 1405 Tempe Pressure Cell for field-to-lab convenience in running moisture retention studies.

All metal surfaces are plated or anodized to protect your model 0212 from the corrosive effects of field conditions.
The strong welded top cap incorporates a 2″ NPT female pipe thread for easy connection to power insertion equipment, yet is designed to protect the barrel from punishing hand driven hammer blows. The thick replaceable hardened Hammer Stop inside the top cap distributes the impact forces to prevent deformation. Brass retaining cylinders fit precisely in the precision honed sampler barrel. Because both ends of the barrel are threaded identically, you needn’t worry about orientation when assembling under field conditions.

Core diameter: 8.9 cm;

6 cylinders: 2 @ length 6 cm; 4 @ length 3 cm

Weight: 14.515 kg (32 lbs).

Dimensions: 124.46 x 22.86 x 22.86 cm (49 x 9 x 9 inches)