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0200 Bulk Density Kit

The Model 0200 Soil Bulk Density Sampler allows the extraction of intact soil cores. A core 57mm (2.25") in diameter is extracted and held in a brass cylinder. The cylinder and soil sample can then be placed in a pressure plate extractor or Tempe Cell apparatus, and the water-holding characteristics of the sample can be determined. The cylinder can be used to provide a sample of known volume, allowing the bulk density to be determined. The sampler is supplied with two wedge coring tips, driving hammer, core extractor, spanner and strap wrench for replacing coring tips, six cylinder caps, and five brass cylinders; one 60mm long, two 30mm long, and two 10mm long.

Weight: 11.45 Lbs (5.19 kgs)

The sampler is driven into the soil by slipping the small diameter rod of the cylindrical hammer down into the handle of the sampler. This serves as guide for the hammer. The large end of the hammer is then lifted and dropped to drive the barrel of the sampler into the soil. If cores are to be taken below the surface depth, then the surface soil is removed to the depth desired by a shovel or soil auger, and then the sample is taken as indicated above. After the sampler has been removed from the soil, the barrel of the sampler holding the soil retaining cylinders is unscrewed from the cap so that the sample retaining cylinders can be pushed out with the core extractor. Below 1% requires special calibration.

Core diameter: 5.7 cm;
Five Cylinders, lengths: 1 @ 6 cm; 2 @ 3 cm; 1 @ 1 cm
Weight 11.45 lbs.
Dimensions: 23 x 11 x 5 inches