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VSL Voltage Sensing Logger for soil, plant, and environment voltage sensors

The VSL Voltage Sensing Logger is for the measurement of analogue and voltage output sensors commonly used in soil, plant, and environmental monitoring applications. With a self-contained battery, the VSL is able to provide the power for the sensor, as well as record the data from the sensors.

Compatible with a range of sensors, the VSL is available in preconfigured packages:

  • STM: Soil Tension Meter for multiple measurements of soil water potential using Tensiometers with a pressure transducer
  • SMM: Soil Moisture Meter for the measurement of soil moisture at multiple depths to construct a soil moisture profile
  • HFM: Heat Flux Meter for the measurement of multiple heat flux plates simultaneous in conjunction with a THERM-Surface sensor.

All VSL packages can be powered by an external 24-volt power supply for laboratory applications, or with a 20W solar panel for field installations.

About the STM

Using the VSL, the STM can support up to 5 tensiometers, providing the ability to measure soil water potential at multiple depths or across an area. These measurements can be used to construct detailed models of plant and tree responses to drought stress or tolerance when combined with a PSY1 Psychrometer.

About the SMM

The SMM uses the VSL in conjunction the MP406 soil moisture sensor. This can be used to measure soil moisture content in soil columns, lysimeters, or for field measurements where multiple depths of soil moisture measurement is required.

About the HFM

Suited for the measurement of heat flux through built surfaces. Focused on the measurement of insulation (or uninsulated) built structures, the HFM can be used in the calculation of thermal insulation efficiency - the R2 or U value.

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