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TRSYS01 High-Accuracy Heat Flux Measuring System

The TRSYS01 is High-accuracy heat flux measuring system with 2 measurement locations

THe TRSYS01 is a high-accuracy system for on-site measurement of thermal resistance, R, thermal conductance, the Λ-value, and thermal transmittance, the U-value, of building envelopes. TRSYS01 is mostly used for measurements according to standard practices of ISO 9869 and ASTM C1155 / C1046. The system is equipped with high-accuracy electronics, two heat flux sensors of model HFP01 as well as two pairs of matched thermocouples. The two measurement locations provide redundancy, leading to a high level of confidence in the measurement result. The high accuracy of the heat flux sensors and temperature difference measurements ensures that TRSYS01 continues measuring when other systems no longer perform; in particular at very low temperature differences across the wall.

Building physics

On-site measurements of thermal resistance, R, are often applied in studies of buildings. Alternatives are to measure its inverse value, the thermal conductance which is called the Λ-value, or the thermal transmittance which includes ambient air boundary layer thermal resistance, the U-value. The measurements of R are based on simultaneous time averaged measurement of heat flux Φ and differential temperature, ΔT, (using two temperature sensors on each on a different side of the wall).
R = ΔT / Φ

Two or more measurement locations

he ISO and ASTM standards give detailed directions concerning the measurement method, sensor installation and data analysis. The TRSYS01 system employs dedicated sensors and electronics. Their high accuracy and sensitivity ensure that TRSYS01 will still measure under circumstances where competing systems no longer perform reliable measurements; i.e. down to very low heat fluxes and low temperature differences across the wall. The matched thermocouple pairs in TRSYS01, model TC, measure temperature differences with an uncertainty of better than 0.1 °C over the entire rated temperature range. TRSYS01 includes 2 x HFP01 heat flux plates. HFP01 is the world’s most popular sensor for heat flux measurement in studies of buildings.

Robust and stable

Equipped with heavy-duty components, TRSYS01 has proven to be very robust and stable. It survives repeated installation necessary in this application where measuring systems are typically used at multiple locations.

TRSYS01 High Accuracy Heat Flux Measurement System for building studies