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TPSY20 High-Accuracy Thermal Conductivity Measuring system

High-accuracy thermal conductivity measuring system

The TPSYS20 is a user-friendly system for the measurement of thermal conductivity using TP02 or TP08 thermal needle probes. The system is designed for high-accuracy measurements. It is particularly suitable for analysis of soils, thermal backfill materials, sediments, foodstuff, sludges, paints, glues and highly viscous fluids. The TPSYS20 thermal needle probe system is particularly suitable for thermal conductivity measurements in a laboratory environment.

Suggested use

Thermal needle probe systems are particularly suitable for measuring the thermal conductivity of fine granular materials, powders, pastes, gels and highly viscous fluids in which a needle probe can be easily inserted. Harder materials such as rocks may also be measured provided that a hole can be drilled to insert the probe. Examples of typical specimen materials include soils, thermal backfill materials, sediments, foodstuff, sludges, paints and glues.