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Stevens SmartPT Pressure and Temperature Sensor

The Smart PT is a ceramic membrane pressure and temperature sensor that delivers accurate results for a wide range of fluid level measurement applications. In addition to simple instantaneous measurements, this smart sensor features the ability to capture peak crest levels, and to automatically sample and report basic statistics on a configurable time interval.

Stainless-steel housing and potted electronics make Smart PT extremely durable and long lasting for submersible water applications.

Smart PT is available with a vented or absolute pressure sensing module. Both versions come equipped with user specified length of cable. The vent tube provides an atmospheric reference which compensates for variations in barometric pressure.

In addition to programmable corrections for local variations in Earth’s gravitational field, Smart PT also compensates automatically for the water temperature-density dependency.

Depth scales available from 2 meters up to 200 meters.

Every Smart PT provides digital SDI-12, RS-485 and Modbus RTU over RS-485. Compatible with existing power and data logging instruments, the sensor can easily be deployed for data collection at remote monitoring sites.

Stevens SmartPT Pressure Transducer

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