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Soil Temperature and Heat Flux

Soil Temperature

THERM-SS Thermistor for measurement of Soil Temperature

The THERM-SS is a high-quality thermistor embedded in a protective stainless-steel body which can be used in a wide range of applications, from soil monitoring in agriculture to industrial landfill, or mine tailing and concrete monitoring.


TheĀ AD-NODE-L1 (LoRaWAN) supports up to 1 x THERM-SS

The MFR-NODE (LoRaWAN or CATM1/NB-IoT) supports up to 4 x THERM-SS

Soil Heat Flux

The rate of soil heating and cooling of the soil is proportional to its diffusivity, and is affected by water content, soil texture and compaction. Soil heat flux can be calculated from temperature gradients or from changes in temperature based upon known thermal conductivity or heat capacity properties. However, as these thermal properties continually change with variations in soil moisture this approach is impractical and inaccurate. Direct measurement of the soil heat flux is the simplest approach to follow.

The MFR-NODE (LoRaWAN or CATM1/NB-IoT) supports up to 2 x HFP01

IoT Soil Heat Flux Monitoring SNiP

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