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Soil Oxygen

The Apogee soil oxygen sensor is used to continuously monitor soil oxygen concentration; which is crucial to the productivity of crops such as avocado, cotton, tomato and tobacco. Anaerobic soil conditions prevent uptake of water as the roots cannot respire due to excess water in the soil profile and daily water use rapidly declines with resultant significant crop yield loss.

There are two types of O2 in soil – soil pore O2 and dissolved O2 in soil solution. Soil pore O2 directly impacts upon plant health, and dissolved O2 upon soil microbial health. A great equilibrium exists between these two ‘zones’ hence simply measuring the bulk soil O2 is enough. The SO-411 comes with a thermistor temperature sensor to correct for temperature changes and a heater to raise the temperature of the membrane approximately two degrees above ambient temperature to keep condensation from occurring on the teflon membrane and blocking the diffusion path of the sensor.

The S-NODE (LoRaWAN or CATM1/NB-IoT) supports up to 4 x SO-411-SS

The MFR-NODE (LoRaWAN or CATM1/NB-IoT) supports up to 2 x SO-411-SS

IoT Soil Oxygen Monitoring SNiP

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