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Soil Bulk Density Kits (BDK0)

The BDK0 Bulk density kit is a low cost, high precision kit for collecting bulk density soil samples. It is an ideal tool for determining soil volumetric water content and calibration of soil water content sensors.

Bulk density of the soil is the ratio of the mass of the dried soil to the volume of the soil. It indicates the compaction level of the soil. Mathematically, soil bulk density is defined as the mass of oven dried soil divided by soil volume.

This is defined as:

  • Soil volume = ring volume
  • Ring volume (cm3) = π x r2 x h = π x 2.252 x 6
    • where r is the internal radius of the ring (45/2 mm)
    • where h is the height of the ring (60 mm)

Bulk Density Kit Applications

  • Calibration of soil moisture sensors
  • Soil quality assessment
  • Soil water balance studies
  • Agriculture
  • Construction
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