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Sap Flow Tool

Sap Flow Tool is a powerful stand-alone tool for research grade measurement of plant and tree water use.

  • Support for the classic line of ICT International sap flow sensors (SFM1 and HFD)
  • Visually manipulate your data (e.g. remove bad data, smooth, calculate daily averages)
  • 2D and 3D visualisation of sap velocities, sap flux densities and sap flow rates
  • Interactive radial sap flux density and sap velocity profile
  • Analyse and visualise data from multiple sensors and/or multiple files
  • Windows and Mac version
Manage multiple files and/or sensors simultaneously

Multiple data files, potentially containing multiple sensors can be loaded and managed simultaneously. Sap Flow Tool also supports importing non-sap flow data, including non-ICT International sensor data. However, sap flow calculations are limited to ICT International sap flow sensor data only. Use the quick view graph to quickly inspect any imported data column.

Sap Flow Tool bad data removal
Visually inspect raw sensor signals and quickly fix bad or missing data

Sap Flow Tool imports raw sensor data from .csv text files. The data can then be analysed in detail. If bad data is present: simply mark the affected region and apply one of several "filters":

Sap Flow Tool bad data methods

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Sap Flow Tool K-values
Automatic calculation of HFD K-values

In order to calculate sap flow rates from HFD sensor data, K-values need to be obtained for each thermistor position. Sap Flow Tool automatically calculates K-values using an intelligent adaptive regression algorithm that will automatically determine the optimal portion of the data needed for the regression.

Sap Flow Tool flux densities
Visualise sap velocities and sap flux densities in 2D and 3D

Sap velocities (HRM)(cm/h) and sap flux densities (HFD)(cm3/cm2/h) are calculated for each thermocouple/thermistor position in the sensor. Visualisation is done in 2D (as a function of time) (upper graph) and in 3D (as a function of time and depth) (lower graph). All graphs are interactive and can be zoomed, scaled and rotated (3D only). A top-view surface plot is also available.

Sap Flow Tool radial profile
Interactive radial sap velocity (HRM) and sap flux density (HFD) profile

2D sap velocities (HRM) or sap flux densities (HFD) are displayed as a function of time (upper graph) and depth (lower graph). The latter is called the sap velocity (HRM) or sap flux density (HFD) radial profile. The radial profile at each time instance can be visualised by moving the red marker line across the upper graph. This causes the corresponding radial profile to be shown in the lower graph. Sap wood depth and xylem radius are indicated by red lines on the radial profile graph.

Sap Flow Tool flow rates
Visualise sap flow rates in 2D and 3D

Sap flow rates (cm3/h) are calculated for the sapwood rings around each thermistor position of the sensor. Besides the total sap flow rate, cumulated flows over time and daily flows are also calculated. Visualisation is done in 2D (as a funtion of time) (upper graph) and in 3D (as a function of time and depth) (lower graph). All graphs are interactive and can be zoomed, scaled and rotated (3D only). A top-view surface plot is also available.

Sap Flow Tool Custom Graphs
Create custom graphs with sap flow and non-sap flow data (upper graph)

Data from the same sensor from different files can be combined and merged into a single graph curve (lower graph). Any sensor or wood settings changes elsewhere in the software will automatically update the graph data. Data on the graphs can be manipulated with several data filters. Following filters are available: remove data, interpolate, linear transform (add or multiply data), integrate (calculate surfaces underneath curves), cumulate, sum (e.g. calculate daily sums), average (e.g. calculate daily averages), moving average (smooth data). All graph data can be exported as text files in order to recreate the graphs in another software package.

Sap Flow Tool Data Visualisation