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DR Radius Dendrometer

Ecomatik radius dendrometers measure plant stem diameters over 5cm (DR3) and 8cm (DR1, DR2 and DRW). Highly recommended for continuous monitoring and measurements of stem diameter changes.

Measuring ranges of 11 mm or 25mm (depending on variation) and with linearity of 1%.

All dendrometers are supplied with a bare ended 5m sensor cable, extendable up to 100m.

  • DR1: Radius Dendrometer 1
    • Tree diameter >8cm
    • Measuring range 11 mm
    • Linearity 1%
  • DR2: Radius Dendrometer 2
    • Tree diameter >8cm
    • Measuring range 25 mm
    • Linearity: 1%
  • DR3: Radius Dendrometer 3
    • Fast mount bracket (one screw)
    • Tree diameter >5cm
    • Measuring range 11 mm
    • Linearity 0.5%
  • DRW: Waterproof Radius Dendrometer
    • A specialised radius dendrometer for use in extremely moist conditions (such as coastal or under snow) or near the soil surface
    • Measuring plant diameter >8cm
    • Range of measurement 11mm
    • Linearity: 1%
DR3 Radius Dendrometer

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