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Pressure Plate Extractor

The PV5 (previously 1600F1) and PV15 (previously 1500F2) pressure plate extractors are high quality extractors for calculating moisture retention curves.

  • PV5 (Old part number: 1600F1): SB5, Pressure Vessel, 5 bar Application Range, Rust resistant (Water+), 5 bar pressure plate extractor only, water +, 4 cell capacity (plates not included)
  • PV15 (Old part number: 1500F2): SB15, Pressure Vessel, 15 bar Application Range, Rust resistant (Water+), 15 bar Ceramic Plate Extractor Only, Water +, 4 cell capacity (plates not Included)
PV15 (1500F1) Pressure Plate Extractor