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Precision Pressure Stabiliser for SEC Manifolds

The SEC Precision Pressure Stabilisers are designed to be used with the SEC Extractors to determine soil moisture retention curves. They are available in 3 version, the pressures range from 1 bar to 15 bar:

  • SB1 (Old part number: 0700G5): Non-Relieving Precision Pressure Stabiliser, 1 bar Application Range (0-1 bar)
  • SB5 (Old part number: 0700G3F1): Pressure Stabiliser with 5 bar Application Range to run PV5 (1600F1) Extractor Only
  • SB15 (Old part number: 0700G2): Pressure Stabiliser with 15 bar Application Range to run PV15 (1500F2) Extractor Only