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Percolation Lysimeter with Datalogger

Custom Percolation Lysimeters for measurement of water through soil profiles

A percolation lysimeter monitors water movement through the soil profile or soil column. Soil moisture, soil water potential, and soil oxygen sensors are positioned along the soil profile to detect changes in water content and water holding characteristics, allowing for the estimation of flux, storage, and drainage.

The number and type of sensors in a percolation lysimeter can vary based on specific needs. A basic setup may include two sensors—one near the soil surface and another below the root zone—while more complex designs involve multiple sensors at various depths within the soil profile.

Applications for percolation lysimeters:

  • Irrigation management. They help identify instances of over-irrigation, where water drains below the root zone, and under-irrigation, where roots do not receive sufficient water deep within the soil profile.
  • Phytocap and phytoremediation projects: Lysimeters play a crucial role ensuring the integrity of the designs and materials and can promptly alert managers to breaches or failures.