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Parts for the TS10 and TS25 Tensiometers

Soilmoisture Equipment provide replacement parts, accessories and consumables for the TS10 (2100F) and TS25 (2725) Tenisometers.

For both TS10 and TS25:

  • G2.5T50 (Old part number: Z2060FG6): TS10/TS25, Vacuum Dial Gauge, 2.5" Diameter, Recalibrator Style, Low Tension, 0-50 cbar

For TS10 Only:

  • TS10-200CR (Old part number: Z2100F-200CR): Ceramic Cup Tube Assembly For TS10 (2100F) Tensiometer
  • 2100FK1 (Old part number: Z2100FK1): O-Ring Kit For TS10 (2100F) Tensiometer

For TS25 Only:

  • 2075 (Old part number: 2075): TS25, Jet-Fill Reservoir, Complete Kit
  • 2790K1 (Old part number: 2790K1): TS25, Complete Service Kit, for Tensiometer (filler bottle, hand pump, water filling fixture, charts & algaecide)
  • 2630A-100K1 (Old part number: Z2630A-100K1): TS25, Tensiometer Screw-Top Cup Plus O-Ring 1 bar (High flow) - Old Style Round ID
  • 2725K1 (Old part number: Z2725K1): TS25 (2725) Series O-Ring Replacement Kit
  • 5301K2 (Old part number: 5301K2): TS25, Tee Fitting for Connecting a Transducer and a Gauge to TS25 Tensiometer This includes 2060FG3, Tensiometer tee fitting

If there parts that are not listed above that you require, please contact ICT International, sales@ictinternational.com.au

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