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Parts for the PV5 and PV15 Extractors

Soilmoisture Equipment Corporation offer a range of spare parts for the PV5 (1600F1) and PV15 (1500F2) Extractors.

Commonly requested parts include:

  • Parts for both PV5 and PV15
    • 1057K1: PV5/PV15, Complete Plug Bolt Kit, Set of 5, with seals
    • 1065: PV5/PV15, high pressure electrical leadthrough
    • PV15-4-10 (Old part number: Z1500-004PKG10): 10-Pack of Plastic Spacers for PV5 (1600F1) and PV15 (1500F2) Extractors
  • PV5 Only
    • 1600-4 (Old part number: Z1600-004): Inlet fitting for PV5 (1600F1) Extractor
    • 1696K1 (Old part number: Z1696K1): Complete Kit of 6 Bolts for PV5 (1600F1) Extractor
  •  PV15 Only
    • 1080G1 (Old part number: 1080G1): PV15, PM hinge, includes 1081 adapter plate
    • 1596K1 (Old part number: Z1596K1): , Complete Set of 8 Bolts PV15 (1500F2)

If other parts are required please contact ICT International, sales@ictinternational.com.au

1080G1 PM Hinge for PV15

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