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MP406 Soil Moisture Sensor

The MP406 Soil Moisture Sensor is a robust, long term soil moisture measurement sensor that is unaffected by soil temperature or salinity, measuring volumetric water content using standing wave technology. The MP406 can be calibrated to provide accuracy within ±1%, and using the standard calibration curves ±3%.

Efficient irrigation scheduling and water management strategy require precisely measured soil water content.

Available in several configurations, and compatible with the ICT International IoT MFR Node, the MP406 is suitable for deployment in both research and management projects:

  • MP406: bare ended sensor, voltage output.
  • MP406C-12V: 4-20mA sensor, 12V.
  • MP406C-24V: 4-20mA sensor, 24V.
  • MPKit-406B: Portable Soil Moisture measurement kit, with Bluetooth connectivity.
  • SNiP-MP4: IoT connected MP406.
MP406 Soil Moisture Sensor