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MiniLog datalogger for Temperature, Humidity or Rainfall

The MiniLog datalogger is designed for use with tipping bucket rain gauges, temperature and/or humidity sensors, and light sensors. Data from the datalogger is downloadable using an infrared interface. Common features of all MiniLog dataloggers include:

  • Up to 18,000 records stored internally
  • IP68 housing
  • internal battery power (up to 5 years, depending on sensors and logging intervals)
  • Infrared connection for wireless data access and configuration

MiniLog Datalogger Versions

The MiniLog is available in four versions:

  • ML-ERi MiniLog is for use with tipping bucket rain gauges using a digital pulse signal.
  • ML-Tie MiniLog is for temperature measurement and logging in water, soil, or other harsh environments, with an accuracy of +/-0.2°C. The ML-Tie is available with either stainless steel or plastic housing options. The ML-Tie is submersible up to 20m, making it ideal for measurements in using in hydrological studies.
    • ML-Tie-SS: Stainless case – increased weight for submerged water-based measurements.
    • ML-Tie-P: White plastic case – multi-purpose use
  • ML-TH2 MiniLog for temperature and humidity measurement and logging.
    • Accurate to +/-0.2°C for temperature and +/-2% for humidity measurements.
    • Features a removable calibrated sensor chip that can be quickly exchanged in the field, significantly reducing the time, hassle and costs associated with maintaining long-term data integrity.
    • Supported by the optional ML-TH2-RS passive radiation shield for mounting to either a 50mm pole or flat surface.
  • ML-RTHi / ML-QTHi provide long-term temperature (+/-0.2°C), humidity (+/-2%) and Solar Radiation or PAR measurements (+/-5%)
    • ML-RTHi measures solar radiation.
    • ML-QTHi measures photosynthetically active radiation.
MiniLog ML- range