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MINI-PAM-II Photosynthesis Yield Analyzer

The MINI-PAM-II Photosynthesis Yield Analyzer is available in a Red (MINI-PAM-II/R) and Blue (MINI-PAM-II/B) configuration:

  • MINI-PAM-II/R: Photosynthesis Yield Analyzer. Compact PAM Fluorometer for field use featuring red measuring light and red actinic light (LED emission peak 655 nm) plus far-red light (LED emission peak 740 nm).
  • MINI-PAM-II/B: Photosynthesis Yield Analyzer. Version featuring blue measuring light and blue actinic light (LED emission peak 470 nm) plus far-red light (LED emission peak 740 nm); with enhanced sensitivity by assessment of short wavelength fluorescence, however less suited for cyanobacteria.

Both configurations are supplied with backlit transflective LCD display (160 x 104 dots) and touch screen, battery compartment for 6 AA batteries as well as ports for fiberoptics, external light source, 2035-B leaf clip, auxiliaries and 12 V DC power supply.


  • Fiberoptics MINI-PAM/F
  • Distance Clip 60° 2010-A
  • Sloped Rack 000240313614
  • USB Cable 000130606252
  • 12 V/ 5.5 A Power Supply MINI-PAM-II/N
  • Transport Box MINI-PAM-II/T
  • 12 AA Rechargeable Batteries.
  • 1.2 V/2 Ah Eneloop 000160101990
  • Battery Charger 000190101101 and
  • WinControl-3 System Control and Data Acquisition Program (Microsoft Windows 10 and 11) for operation of measuring system via PC, data acquisition and analysis.
    NOTE: Not compatible with Windows 10 using ARM processors

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