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LWS Leaf Wetness Sensor

The ICT-LWS Leaf Wetness Sensor is an important tool for observing and studying leaf wetness, for monitoring pests and diseases, and determining spray time for crops. The accurate measurement of the moisture content of the leaf surface can be used to monitor the trace moisture or ice crystal residue.

The shape of the sensor is simulated by the blade, which can simulate the characteristics of the leaf surface, so that it can reflect the situation of the leaf surface more accurately. By measuring the variation of the dielectric constant of the upper surface of the blade, the mist, water vapour and ice can be measured.

There are four versions available:

  • ICT-LWS-S uses the SDI-12 output
  • ICT-LWS-C uses the 4-20mA output
  • ICT-LWS-VDC 12-24 uses the 12-24 VDC output
  • ICT-LWS-VDC3.3 uses the 3.3V output