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Measuring tree rings requires high precision and a reliable method of measuring. LINTAB™ easily meets these requirements, and is furthermore easy to handle, ergonomic, robust and weatherproof. Both cookies (cross section, disc, disk, stem disc, transverse section) and cores can be measured. Together TSAP-Win™ and LINTAB™ are a strong team for analysing tree rings.

Application for LINTAB include:

  • Dendrochronology
  • Stem analysis
  • Ecological and geo-morphological analyses
  • Vitality and damage analysis of road tree

Versions available:

  • LTM06-B: LINTAB™ 6 (5/100) + TSAP Tree Ring Stage and Software (Without Microscope)
  • LTM06-P: LINTAB™ 6 (5/200) + LEICA S-APO + 5 TSAP Complete Setup For measurement of "Normal" and very narrow tree-Rings. Camera For PC and presentation
  • LTM06-E: LINTAB™ 6 (5/100) + LEICA S9E + 5 TSAP Complete Setup for Measurement of "Normal" Tree-Rings
  • LTM06-S: LINTAB™ 6 (2.5/1000) + LEICA (S-APO+Camera) + 10 TSAP With 90 degree mitre gearing and foot switch for many measurements of narrow Rings. Display of microscope picture on computer monitor.