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IoT Water Quality Monitoring Station

The IoT Water Quality Monitoring Station is an integrated solution for monitoring of water quality with LoRaWAN or CAT-M1/NB-IoT communication

ICT International can incorporate a range of water quality sensors into a configuration customised to suit application. Typical sensors used on our stations include, but are not limited to:

  • AWQ-pHr for measurement of pH, Redox and Temperature
  • AWQ-C4E for measurement of Salinity, EC, TDS-KCL and Temperature
  • AWQ-DOT for measurement of Dissolved Oxygen and Temperature
  • AWQ-NTU for measurement of Turbidity and Temperature

The IoT Water Quality Monitoring Station also includes:

  • a sensor bracket
  • 1x 6.5Ah rechargeable li-ion battery
  • 1x 10W Solar Panel
  • 1x SPLM7 mounting system for node and solar panel

The SNiP-WQS can optionally be mounted upon the ICT Data Buoy for anchored installations in low velocity, non-navigable waters. The ICT Data Buoy features:

  • Up to four sensor ports
  • Optional mounting pole for atmospheric measurements
  • 3x 10W to 20W solar panels mounts
  • Multiple mooring points, lifting points and service vessel tie-up points
  • Large IP 67 hatch for monitoring electronics and support battery systems.
Water Quality Monitoring Station with Data Buoy