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IoT Fire Hazard Weather Station

The SNiP-FWS is an accurate weather station and fuel moisture monitoring station suitable for use in bushfire and wildfire prone areas. The IoT Fire Hazard Weather Station can be used for both planning prescribed fires and risk mitigation, as well as providing real-time localised environmental data for informing fire danger predictions, detection and control strategies. Using either LoRaWAN or CAT-M1/NB-IoT communications, the SNiP-FWS allows for continual monitoring of the weather and fuel moisture in real-time, providing the accurate weather measurements that are critical for the safe management of activities with the potential to cause ignition.

The Fire Hazard Weather Station can be customised to incorporate a range of sensors including:

  • 10 hr Fuel Moisture.
  • Soil Moisture.
  • Temperature (air, plant, and soil)
  • Relative Humidity, dew point temp/vapour density/saturated vapour pressure, VPD.
  • Precipitation.
  • Solar radiation.
  • Smoke and Dust.
  • Wind speed, wind gust speed and wind direction.
  • NDVI.

Systems can be designed for either fixed permanent or portable installation types.

SNiP Weather Fire Hazard Station Schematic