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IHF02 Ultra-Sensitive Industrial Heat Flux Sensor

The IHF02 ultra sensitive industrial heat flux sensor measures heat flux and temperature, typically in industrial high-temperature environments. The instrument is waterproof, withstands high pressures and is extremely robust. IHF02 is 25 times more sensitive than model IHF01, making it suitable for use at relatively low heat flux levels. It replaces model HF01 high temperature heat flux sensor. IHF02 complies with industrial safety standards, such as CE and ATEX for explosive areas, and is particularly suitable for trend-monitoring and comparative testing.

IHF02 measures heat flux and surface temperature of industrial equipment like furnaces, boilers, fluidised beds, distillation columns and ovens. The sensors inside IHF02, a thermopile and a type K thermocouple, are protected by a fully sealed stainless steel body. It is suitable for long-term use at one location as well as surveys at multiple locations. IHF02 measures heat flux through the object on which it is mounted, in W/m², as well as the temperature in °C. An optional magnet frame is offered for easy mounting on magnetic surfaces.