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HFS01 High Heat Flux Sensor

The HFS01 High heat flux sensor for concentrated solar radiation and flames, water cooled is a water-cooled sensor that measures high-level radiative and convective heat fluxes. It is designed for studies of concentrated solar irradiance (800 x concentrated direct solar radiation) and high-intensity flames (gas burners, coal fires). HFS01 has a very robust all-metal / ceramics instrument body and sensor, and is equipped with a high-temperature cable to survive the extreme conditions of a typical experiment.

The HFS01 measures heat flux in the range of (0 to 800) x 10³ W/m²; the extremely high fluxes as generated by flames and solar concentrators. Equipped with a black absorber, the instrument is designed for measurement in an environment in which heat flux includes radiation as well as convection. HFS01’s thermopile sensor generates an output voltage proportional to the total absorbed heat flux. The sensor must be water-cooled, usually by tap water. A removable flange that can be used for mounting is supplied with the sensor. Also, a type K thermocouple is included, to measure the sensor body temperature.

The part of the cabling closest to the sensor is a special high-temperature metal sheathed cable with an interlocked spiral stainless steel armour. The high-temperature cable and armour withstand temperatures up to 900 °C. Because the sensor body is water cooled, it will remain relatively cool. The surface temperature of the sensor may reach 650 ˚C. The low-temperature extension cable has a jacket of PTFE type plastic.